Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebrate Science Month

Greetings dear reader. I'm oft heard to exclaim that I love to read because it gets me off the planet for awhile. Wouldn't it be incredible to visit these planets?! Illustrator Dean Walton offers this limited edition series of posters based on the greatest sci-fi movie planets. I love his bio; "Hi, I'm Dean Walton and Mr. Shabba is the name of the illustration and graphic design obsessed part of my brain."

Illustration courtesy of Dean Walton.

Click on the illustration to see the other cool posters in this series. *No space travel is without its turbulence so please calmly glide around the "A" word on the Mars poster. After all, he may be speaking of taking a donkey into space.

We are celebrating Science Month in our branches with programs and these neat science kits from The Lawrence Hall of Science. Families have a choice of eight different kits to check out. Included in each kit is a book, suggested activities, a notebook for each investigator to keep, and best of all, a free child/youth admission pass to the Lawrence Hall of Science. Fear not, these will be available after science month as well.

Meanwhile, while I'm off planet reading I'm also trying to come up with a name for the illustration and graphic design obsessed part of my brain. Any suggestions? Actually, " Planet Pandora" might be appropriate. But Pandora's Box is a story and blog post for another day. In the meantime, live long and prosper, dear reader. On Planet Vulcan and Planet Earth.

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