Friday, June 1, 2012

Call me?

The library is evolving in profound ways but for some things we still rock it old school at the Marin County Free Library. Families may phone in each week to Dial-A-Story to hear a 5 minute story read by a wonderful variety of readers. This is week is my little brother's birthday. He lives in Hawaii so I recorded The Little Mermaid for him.

I love Jane Yolen's book, Fairy Tale Feasts. It's exactly my kind of fairy tale book, stories plus a recipe to go with them! The recipe that accompanies this tale is Seaweed Stuffed Shells- a clever way to get a story and a little spinach into your favorite reader. You'll find the ending to this version of The Little Mermaid a bit different. Kid's who only know Disney-ized version of stories may find it a little confusing, but this offeres a great opportunity to explore folk and fairy tales.  No child should leave
kiddom without solid legs, or a long silvery green tail, of fairy tales beneath them.

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Update- We have discontinued Dial-A-Story because we are working on new ways to bringing to you. Stay tuned and keep reading!
Miss Kitty