Thursday, August 4, 2016

A New Catalog, Last Blogger post, and a New Home for Miss Kitty Presents

Greetings Dear Reader!

A trumpet fanfare to announce  Marin County Free Library's brand new website and catalog that we rolled out this week! Here are some great tips to get your started.

Take at look at our kids page and check out all the great things going on in our libraries.

This humble little blog, Miss Kitty Presents, will have a new location and a new look. I will move from Blogger to a Wordpress platform and you'll find me under Library Blog on the new website.
I hope newcomers just seeing this blog will stay and view the archives for six years worth of fun posts, and then join me on the new site.

With great fondness I say thank you so much for six years of following my posts and a whopping 21081 page views! Here is just a teeny weeny tiny sampling of pictures from our time together.

I'll see you on the new site in a bit. Guess what fantastic resource I'll be using to learn Wordpress?! With your library card, Marin County residents have access to all of the tremendous tutorials there as well as many other fantastic online learning resources

A big hug and kiss. Love from your Miss Kitty.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go!

Hi Ho dear reader. Big changes are afoot in the picture book collections of the Marin County Free Library. We are "glading" our picture book collections into broad subject categories to help you more easily find just the right book in your favorite subject area. 

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Teams of children's librarians and talented staff  (but no dwarfs) are going through the forests of picture books, tree by tree, to organize them into popular glades with bright colored labels:

  • Things That Go. Transportation & machines. Lovers of trucks, trains, and fire engines rejoice.
  • Fantasyland. Let's imagine and pretend. If it's pink & sparkly or breathes fire, this is where you'll find it. Look for traditional fairytales too. 
  • My World. Celebrations of all sorts, cultural events, birthdays, good citizens and the big beautiful world. 
  • Concepts. ABC/123 I spy some books perfect for thee. All the basic concepts children need to know before kindergarten.
  • Classics. Award winners, well-known and loved titles. You wild thing. You'll eat them up you love them so.
  • All About Me. Emotions, going to school, potty training, giving up the binkie or blankie, manners, sharing and making new friends. 
  • Nature. Seasons, nature, animals acting like animals really do!
  • YOUR Favorites. You tell us your favorite picture book and we'll put it in a glade just for you.

Not every single picture book will be in a subject glade. You'll find those unique titles grouped alphabetically by author.

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I love these vintage photos of "lumberjills". The women pictured here served in Britain's Women's Timber Corps and played an important role in World War II. Here's a fascinating article about them.
Click  me!

Here's a fun title to read about a lumberjack a little closer to home. Let me tell you Babe,  I would be ecstatic if I could bring a big blue ox to work.