Friday, June 21, 2013



Allow me to introduce the talented Mr. G, very soon to be 11-years old and the grandson of one of our California Room volunteers. Mr. G visited some months ago and graciously offered his assistance while Grandma was working her shift. 

Who among us could refuse such an offer from someone wearing a "Pugs not drugs" t-shirt?!

I asked G to tidy up the books laying around and to please stack them on the table. After 30 minutes, I glanced at the results of G's quiet but intense labor and had to marvel. I don't believe I've seen such an architecturally complex stack of books in my career! 

Another wonderful volunteer of ours and her grandson reading together...

Perhaps Mr. G built the roman aqueducts or worked on the Notre Dame Cathedral in a previous life. I immediately thought of David Macaulay's book, Building Big. If perhaps not the most stable stack of books ever, it certainly was the most impressive and I am certain the architect of our beautiful Civic Center, Frank Lloyd Wright, would have been impressed too.

Naturally, I always want to know what kids love reading and asked Mr. G to provide me with a list of his favorite titles that 10-year-old boys would like.

The young man does enjoy his geometric angles!

Straight  from the genius of Mr. G to are some great titles to read this summer after you've signed up for the reading game. You just never know where the next Frank Lloyd Wright might come from. 

Seven Sorcerers
13 Gifts
13 Curses
The Bad Beginning. A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1
One Dog and His Boy
City of Dogs

Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Summer Reading is Important

Few things in life rival the unbriddled joy of a school year ending and the giddy anticipation of an endless summer.

Is there anything more delicious than reading exactly what you want when you want all summer long?

Luckily for you Reading is Delicious this summer at the Marin County Free Library. But before you make your book selections, we'd like to tell you WHY we want kids to play the summer reading game.

Phone or e-mail in your order if you would like a copy of this handout, in English or Spanish and as a bonus, I'll give you another handout as well.

So, before you head out to the hammock or pool or tent, grab a book, a snack, and your reading log. Sounds yummy to me.