Saturday, April 28, 2012

Me and the B; Kickin' it in the library

And a curly keychain so you don't loose your new card
This is my good buddy Mr. B, proud owner of a brand new Marin County Free Library card and frequent visitor to my desk in the Children's Room.

"Don't toch the sticy pars"

I have a white board on the side of my desk to let patrons and staff know my whereabouts. I leave a marker nearby and am often greeted with all kinds of messages from the kids. I like Mr. B's forthrightness here advising patrons, "P.S. don't come in earlier! No yelling!"

The magic pebble

As many of my library kids are wont to do, Mr. B pilfered my desk drawers and brought out this rock (a gift from a previous reader). He leaned in whispered to me, "You know you can sell this rock and get a million dollars for it...." to which I exclaimed, "Are you telling me I can sell this rock for a million dollars and RETIRE?!!?", he quietly replied, "Yes.....but I don't want you to."

And that my dear readers is why it's so important to read together. We're all busy and overwhelmed (me included) but make the time to read together, to talk and listen and laugh. There's no such thing as instant intimacy but all it takes is 20 minutes a day of quiet time together and that's pretty doable.

Pretty swanky, no? More from the talented Mr B. 

Observe that Mr. B is reading the Hardy Boys graphic novels. These are a great choice for emerging readers. And if you'd like to read a story about a magic pebble......


  1. Mr. B is really lucky to have you there to listen to all his stuff. And you're lucky to have kids like Mr. B who love you so much.


  2. Miss Kitty- Are there more rocks like yours, I'd like to get lots of $$$ too! Then I can buy even more crafting supplies that I don't use.

  3. Thanks Miss Kitty----your blog speaks to the heart and soul of the work of children's librarians and advocates everywhere. Makes me think of this great quote----"Feeling close to one dependable adult is at the heart of resilience for children". Mr. B has you and that is a priceless treasure!

    1. Your kindness warms my heart. Thank you so very much- Miss Kitty