Monday, December 3, 2012

The holidays draw near...

Whew! We escaped the worst of the winter rains this weekend in Marin County. Still, a rainy day
is awfully nice for sitting at home at the kitchen table with a STACK of library books and a cup of hot chocolate and a lazy afternoon of crafting holiday cards and presents.

Oh come let us adore Ed Emberly and his clever drawing books. Here are a few sweet designs from  his Big Red Drawing Book.

And for grown-ups who keep art journals or scrapbooks, Emberley's designs are fantastic fodder for doodling ideas and page graphics. Take a look at the bead garland designs. Even just the simple shapes would look great on a journal page.

Rejoice all those who celebrate Hanukah! I love The Crafty Crow's website of ideas for Hanukkah crafts.

Dancing Hanukkah Characters from The Creative Jewish Mom
Save a nice hot crispy latke for me and don't forget the applesauce....

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