Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Regarding the Lexile reading system

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One of my regular library families is reading the fun Regarding series by Kate Klise. When the girls come into the library they laugh and begin their request to me with, "Hello Miss Kitty! Yes, regarding the......<hold I placed yesterday> <the upcoming teen workshop> <the next book in this series>" I always laugh too.

Thusly, regarding the large number of families coming in with  Lexile recommended reading lists handed out at school, I say check with me before you spend too much time hunting down the exact titles.  Often series books are listed and if the exact title is checked out, an equally appropriate title is on the shelf. Many of the suggested titles are fine but some are not a good fit.  Often recommended titles on the same list will vary wildly in age appropriateness and reading complexity.  Lexile is a respected reading-ranking system and a fine place to start,  but I can help you fine-tune the list for books for your child that are a more suitable match, will appeal to your child interests,  and satisfy their teacher's concern for reading level correctness. See my post on September 12, 2011 for more information about Lexile.

Regarding the fountain?  A perfect choice for 4th to 6th grade readers and especially *"reluctant readers."

* a term Miss Kitty really doesn't like. Ask me why. 

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  1. Will you tell me the lexile level for the Tintin series by Herge? My son is in third grade. His teacher wants him to read "just right" books. Thanks!