Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday begins...

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This day was on the first of many similar ones for the emancipated Mole, each of them longer and fuller of interest as the ripening summer moved onward. He learnt to swim and to row, and entered into the joy of running water; and with his ear to the reed-stems he caught, at intervals, something of what the wind went whispering so constantly among them.

Happy Earth Day dear reader. One musn't leave childhood, or adulthood for that matter, without reading Kenneth Grahame's classic, A Wind in the Willows. This particular edition is from a series of unabridged classics published by Sterling that I recommend highly. Illustrated by the talented graphic designer Scott McKowen,  all the must-read classics are in this series and lucky for you, the library owns the entire set. And that's something to celebrate- Earth  Day and every day.

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