Saturday, June 21, 2014


Allow me to hit "pause" for a moment while I share with you something fun I tuned into this week during our "Paws to Read" Summer Reading Game.

The summer reading game is a bingo format this year and as you can read, one of the challenges is to tell a joke to a library staff member, and read a biography- we'll get to that one in a second.

To be honest, 90% of the jokes I've been told have been quite, uhmm, abstract shall we say. But I laugh even if I have no idea what the punchline means because the kids are laughing.

I had to pause a moment, signing up a nice young man, when I saw the name Philo Farnsworth. I was quite impressed and thought this was perhaps the most sophisticated joke I might witness this summer if not in my entire career; using the name of the scientist/inventor credited with inventing television!

But it was no joke! Allow me to introduce Philo, the great grandson of Philo T. Farnswoth!
It really was a red letter day for me (he's proudly wearing his run for reading T-shirt from school)
and my new buddy could not have been more sweet and charming.

So, of course for Philo's biography challenge, I knew exactly what to hand him. I do believe I see a family resemblance as well!
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While we're all enjoying our summer vacation watching The World Cup on television, let us applaud Philo T. Farnsworth who's brilliant mind made that possible.

Keep reading all summer long and who knows what brilliant ideas you might come up with.

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