Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't let the pigeon loose in the library!

Don't let the pigeon loose in the library, okay? 

 Why not? I never get to do anything?!?! It should be very educational.....please? please? please?

The dust has finally settled from our library rennovation this spring and the hundreds of little paws in the library this summer playing our reading game. It's been quite a year for The Civic Center Branch. Behold our wayward pigeon that a colleague spotted behind the corner bookshelves in the Children's Room.

As the bus driver above was asleep, we called The Marin Humane Society  and they sent over their most talented pigeon-whisperer who skillfully captured and freed our pigeon.

So, with your nice new back-to-school shoes, hoof  (or wing) it over the Library. Get a nice new library card if you don't already posses one, and net yourself a few of the hilarious Pigeon books by Mo Willems.  

All images from Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! Mo Willems. Click through for library catalog.


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